The human brain is the most complex structure in the universe – we believe that it should not be bothered with mundane and repetitive tasks. Automation with higher accuracy, better efficiency and cost savings is the outcome of our pursuit for a more enjoyable life.

We’ve created a platform that can make your machine autonomous at a fraction of the time and cost compared to developing from scratch. The platform is designed for real-world applications with efficiency, safety and usability in mind letting you concentrate on your industry application knowledge while we make your product self-driving.

Application examples include cleaning, healthcare, security, service and agriculture technology. Contact us to find out how we can help you disrupt your market!


Self-driving floor scrubber frees the cleaning staff from repetitive and tedious tasks and allows to clean more with less resources. Our platform can be integrated to any manual floor scrubber machine increasing the quality and consistency of cleaning. Tammela Robotics’ vision-based technology enables navigating and cleaning complex and dynamic environments autonomously without changes to the environment.

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In this example an existing well-known and trusted commercially available ride-on floor scrubber has been modified the following way:

control panel modification
  • Old control panel replaced with touch screen based UI
  • Joystick installed for manual control
  • Emergency stop button and other buttons added
  • Control board redesigned
  • Motor for steering, motor controllers (steering and traction)
  • Sensors, cameras, safety relays and encoders installed

Everything tied together by Tammela Robotics’ self-driving platform running on an onboard industrial PC and augmented by a cloud solution for remote monitoring and management.

Disclaimer: Scrubber machine presented in the video was used as an example. We are not associated with the original machine manufacturer in any way. The original scrubber machine design and associated logos are owned by the original machine manufacturer.


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